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Chaussures de Ballet, Widya A

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“It’s not that I have not through the hardship, it’s just a different kind of hardship”

—   By Me, Widya A

July, 4 words, 4 times Sunday to relax

July… one month which is consists of 30 blessed days.

I’ve spent 2 early weeks with usefulness work out. I did not make any achieve, but the following third week it was wonder.. wonder..wonderful ! haha. I went to Amadeus Indonesia, pretty huge office at Jakarta I thought, for 4 days, but I came earlier on Sunday and went home on Friday so it becomes 6 days there wkwkwk (days corruption). Goin’ well, completely well, make me willing to have life in that cycle, but my aunty have warned me, that I used to have 2 years experience in the same scope (yea at least) to have job there. My aunty is right, I have to think it twice.

Then found me here hehe, at the common office, common crew, common cycle. but I have to grateful all the way :)

The un-good news are, I have to admit that I did not pass the university entrance. so shaken :’( . hiks so sad. hope Allah give me such an escape button for this proposition. Maybe 1 year forward or whenever. Certainly… I will.

and I yeah do not achieve any project this month, wish next month have more more more target to achieve !!!


gems are not come by itself wid !!

go get it ! wake up ! life goes on and doesn’t let you just sit and wait, should run !! run !!


Kita pernah dilukai. Oleh ucapan orang lain.
Kita pernah ingin mati. Oleh tatapan orang lain.
Kita pernah ingin pergi. Oleh ketidak pedulian orang lain.

Kita ingin hujan-hujanan biar air mata kita tidak terlihat.
Kita ingin sendiri biar sedih kita tidak diketahui.
Kita ingin orang lain pergi, sebab mereka tidak peduli.

Hidup ini sulit bila kita terus menerus sibuk memikirkan apa kata orang.


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Two monitors in one sight #focus keep focuuuss
#way #nobody it is #scary #me #a #lot

A lot of reviews

1. the first week on June, was incredible week, arrange one big event with a lot of disturbance. But it all going to be well.

2. had been Presenting about Bali tour package. I’ve lost this project because of the price of the airline ticket was increasing, I had found a lot of option of this problem to be solved. But it just got to be lost.

3. The second week of June was 1000 pax family gathering. I’m still couldn’t believe that I’ve made that :). Praise god !!! 3 days tour in a row how lucky me zzz

4. dix juin was my birthday, there are 3 Barista at ngobrol cafe who gave me coffee latte and croissants for my birthday gift they said. uhuhu nice 


Then, celebrate it with my colleague and my boss at the office. kang Febri bought me a cake.  Not delicious one but Thank you so much for this kang febri haha. Hendri try to gave that cake with numerical shaped of candle, but he bought the wrong combination of it, it should be 1 and 9, but he bought 1 and 8 haha, They seems like more than colleague for me, my secondary family in real life time i guess, Love them.


Kang ryan send me a rillakuma shaped cake to my home, Nice one, pretty much like it :D, Thank you thank you very much yeaa ;;)

so blessed day

5. the third week of june, 17 june there was a test for university entrance, oh my god, with no idea to answer that examination test. Nothing to lose deh yaa

ok I think that was enough for this morning review I got to gooo~

My birthday Croissants and Latte

Nervous symptoms

Yesterday :)

The judgement day I thought, I thought yesterday was such a bad day who easily can ruin my mood, but I was wrong, began with nervous symptoms, I Presented the whole of my package. Done with good result :)

Then go to Aquila hhhh shocking therapy, but it goes right anyway. Even I have missed in several point of important parts. but Alhamdulillah yesterday have passed either.

Then I went to Telkom Indonesia, there was a Bridge match in there. It was Telkom indonesia open event. Nice office nice building, I went to the 8th floor. Nice experience :)

Bismillah ya Allah blessed me in every way

Wake up in peace

This morning, I woke up, and telling a lot of story to my parents, it has been a long time I didn’t tell any effusion to them. Alhamdulillah they listened to me with good respond :)

good morning better morning best morning

Ignored by crush

26 May 2014, In that noon, was my lunch time, he went to my office to take a pray, I saw his face was full of air wudhu, so handsome…

my heart sinnnnnnnk…

what a nice perfect man ever, handsome, not smoke, religious, good at speech mmm yeah polite I mean, I wish my children would be like him someday.
He’s kind, he deserve a perfect woman too. to be his wife, to be a mother for his children
not a girl like me..
I wish he could find a right woman to be right on his side. Amin

Then my cs brought me my food, it was nasi padang, so I was goin’ to eat, found him at the pantry table, he sat in the pantry chair in front of mushola. he had take a pray.
I asked him, did he already get his lunch or not?, for a basa basi speech. I decided to sit in front of him, I eat, he was silent. we awkward haha feel so awkward, but there was one time he starred at me, long starred with his beauty eyes, and smile to me. My feet was not on the ground ouccccchhhhhh  yeah fly fly fly awaaaaaay, feel so hahahhahahahahahhaahahahahaha, I’m over acting wkwk

we got in not good conversation, I asked so much question and story, he just respon me with yea, ya, ngangguk2, geleng2, ketawa, short answer. I know he didn’t interest at me, I realize that haha but heeey I’m trying to be nice ini tuuuuh just please respon with nice answer to me heeey
I asked for his line account, I’ve asked for it to him, but the first time I asked he didn’t tell me, in this second time for sure he gave me his line account :)

then I complete my lunch, he went back to his office, our offices were in different building.

My Boss came to office, he asked a lot of question about my tasks, bla bla and bla. After that I went to logistic IT tel-u after that, send some files of tour, then went to pdc to take a few of files of contract so on. theeen went to H.I.S bandung, doing some tasks in there. in H.I.S, recently I was read my line message, it’s reply from him, we were chatting via line, he send me funny sticker but it ended with a short chat. most of chat were just some stickers not words. :( UN-useful chat :(

He even protected his twitter so I couldn’t kepo :(
So sad when I read his line status, his status was about his ex I guess, so I definetely disappointed and down :(

I just pretending to be crush on him, but time by time, I feel something which is couldn’t describe in here

ignored by crush

First thing first

Sudah rada plong tidak terlalu setress seperti kemarin, sekarang sudah mulai lebih terorganisir, sedikit lebih tenang

emang harus lebih tenang, lebih fokus jangan banyak melamun, planning terus.
Realizing, kenapa cemas dan rungsing itu datang, it just becaaause, myself belum terencana dengan baik secara gambaran maupun tulisan itself.
then meeee harus terbiasa dengan sesuatu yang terencana

Remembering what Mr Budi said a few days ago, “first thing first wid, jadi orang sukses itu adalah orang yang bisa mengerjakan apa yang penting tapi tidak terburu - buru, mengetahui mana yang important mana yang urgent, di kutip dari buku 7 habits, *pak budi menyebutkan nama pengarang that I can’t remeber* bla.. bla.. bla.. “

Di direkturi oleh seorang Insinyur, pintar, genius , seseorang yang paling berpengaruh, seperti beliau itu seharusnya saya bersyukur. Mungkin saya bekerja dan kuliah juga dengan beliau, belajar real strategic business in big company gitu deh ceritanya. Banyak yang belum tahu aja beliau seperti apa. Beliau bukan orang yang menutup mata pastinya.

and the more obviously thing is seharusnya saya lebih terencana.

forget the unplanned self. It is only makes inconvenience atmosphere surround

Edith Head sketch design for Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

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It’s not about the phone

Bukan masalah handphone nya, tapi masalah nya itu adalah apa yang terkandung di dalamnya, market gue customer2 gue ada di situ semua, gue ga pernah nyimpen kontak di phone book, gue selalu simpen di bb Id, apa jadi nya kalo itu bb ke wipe dan VIOLA it’s only with one second my database will gone forever ever ever ver ver ver ( echo sound effect)

kaya arsitek kehilangan blue print kerjaan nya

sebagian password - password gue keep disana dan ga bisa gue inget lagi karena gue pelupa akut

ga ngerti kenapa sampai bisa separah ini pelupa nya, kurang konsentrasi, a lot of detention

Hari Super Edan, Lupa Lupa Men

Hari super edan 23 MAY 2014

1. Bangun, Kedinginan, setress, ga nyenyak, mungkin udah firasat

2. Sampai di lokasi untuk salescall langsung ke wc, naro hp di wastafel.

3. Di nego harga abis abisan, dengerin request tamu dengan sangat hati hati, end with good conversation, so I decided to back to my office.

4. di jalan baru sadar hp ga ada, mau balik lagi udah masuk jalur satu arah, harus memutar ke jalan sunda, dan macet oleh rel kereta api juga lampu merah, 10 menit pertama gue misscall hp masih dalam posisi aktif, setelahnya sudah tuuuut tamaaat.

5. naik angkot dari jl veteran ke sunda, terus di turunin di jl lombok, gue langsung lari dari jl lombok menuju jl belitung

6. sampai venue, langsung ke resepsionis minta bantuannya, lihat ke wc udah ga ada, daripada bikin itu venue gaduh gue ikhlasin langsung pergi lagi ke kantor

7. naik angkot duduk deket supir, si supir bawa anak kecil, sepanjang jalan anak kecil itu ngoceh dengan bahasa aneh gue ga ngerti, tapi kaya yang seru banget, 

8. turun di lengkong nyambung angkot ke buah batu, duduk deket supir lagi

9. nelfon penerangan untuk mencari nomor Grapari telkomsel buat ngeblokir nomor hp gue yang ilang itu

10. Telkomsel menyatakan tdk dapat dilakukan pemblokiran terhadap kartu saya

11. Pasrah

12. Si supir ngajak ngobrol, dia mulai cerita pernah senasib ilang handphone kaya gue, Sedikit menghibur.

13. sampai di gerbang Tel-U di jemput mang din sampai ke dalem kantor

14. Nangis sedikit depan mang din, tapi mang din ga memperlihatkan rasa kasihani nya malah nyeramahin gue ini lah itu lah bla bla

15. gue lari ke kantor mang din parkir

16. sampai kantor gue update status dulu don’t know what to do, cerebellum gue nyut nyutan

17. Kerjaaaa, banyak kerjaan pusing banyak yang memusingkan

18. sampai sore jam pulang kantor, bobi org yang gue ceng cengin dateng ke kantor, bukan bikin mood booster malah jadi mood breaker, tiba tiba bete aja liat dia

19. pulang di ceramah2 sama ayah, di bilangin ceroboh sama mamah, masuk kamar, liat line di pc, ada yg minta issued baru sadar sekarang udh jam 9 malem, kaka seperguruan gue yg suka bantu issued pasti udh bobo cantik sekarang

20. Booking ulang, harga nya jauh lebih tinggi, the final is gue nombok

21. Perfect blend of mess of my whole day

23. End with this writing this mess story of the day

24. gonna write another opini and story after this